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Question about English (US)

Guys. Can u see mistakes? Pls 🙏🏻😊
1-What a mess is this?! Hang all these clothes up in the closet now
2- The rain is gone, now I can hang up my clothes on the clothesline
3- I hung your t-shirt up in your room because it started to rain
4- When you finish bathing hang your towels up, please
5- Brenda bought some portraits for her living room. She will hang them up when she gets home
6- This year I bought some decoration for Christmas at the mall. I'll hang them up when my children come back from school
7- Don't left your hoodie on the sofa. Put it a hanger and hang it up
8- That is why you're always looking for your keys. When you get home hang them up on the keychain

I'm trying to use HANG OP

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