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Question about English (US)

Is it correct?

A] Hello, who is calling?
B] Hi Renzo, this is Maria/It's Maria
A] Hey how are you?
B] I'm fine thanks, I'm calling you to ask about the university homework
A] The university homework? Oh sure, I would like to help you but now I'm busy
B] Oh I'm sorry, Can I call you later?
A] Of course or if you want I can call you around 5 o clock
B] Hmm I'm sorry but from 5 to 6 I'm going to the gym
A] Oh I have no idea
B] What about 7pm? Are you free at that time?
A] I'm not. Im having a family lunch at 7pm. What about 8pm?
B] Sure!
A] Ok so I'm calling you at 8pm, well now I have to hang up
B] It's okay take care

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