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Hi natives, 3 small questions

1. "The rabbit bears " any " similarity to the lion."

Does "any" in this sentence carry the same meaning as "no"? However, I checked the dictionaries, and found that "any" in the sense of "not at all" should be used with a negative structure which renders the aforementioned sentence like the following " the rabbit does not bear any similarity to the lion". What's your take on that?

2. "If you want some, here are some chocolate".

This sentence is grammatically well-formed since "some chocolate" is plural. Nevertheless, it does not sound natural inasmuch as with " here" and "there" we use the notional agreement. Thus, the sentence would be "if you want some, here is (or even better " here's ") some chocolate. Am I right?

3." I met the boy who although (being) taught, he couldn't succeed "

In formal writing" being " is kept as it's a part of the relative clause which requires a verb. However, in daily speech" being "is omitted, and the sentence sounds perfectly fine. True?

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