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The question is about articles in the context.
The context is there are 2 cities. My friend and I live in the city A. My friend is the only person who buy train tickets for me (I can’t do it). I go to another city for work quite often. In the morning I always take the same train but in the evening every time different.
If I’m talking to my friend about to buy me a ticket to another city (the morning one) how should I ask? “Can you buy me _a/the_ ticket? (She knows the train time)
And about the way back when we don’t know exactly which train ticket to buy (there are many) but we know that’s it’s the way back from another city to our city. Should I ask “can you buy me _a_ the ticket?” Or “can you buy me _the_ ticket back?” Or “would u buy me a train ticket?” Which is correct and sounds natural?

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