6 Mar 2017

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1) Antonio Banderas says that he owes his success to his wife.
2) In the distance he saw a bridge uniting ( connecting?) the old town ( or better an old?) with the business centre.
3) If you want to make a complaint against a policeman, send it to the police station by mail.
4) The woman, who claimed that she had been attacked, approached a policeman for help.
5) What is the distance from Edinburgh to London?
6) What city served as the ( a)? headquartes for the Allied foces during the World War 2?
7) When we came to the camp, we took a rest, had dinner and we started preparing for the next hike.
8) Blood is delivered to the brain via atreias.
9) Any person who has a computer and a modem is able to talk to the distant parts of the planet.
10) People have been complaining about taxes since the last ones appeared.
11) Morisse's mom says that he has always been restless.
12) My neighbours do not like children and they are constantly complaining against them for being so noisy.
13) On the award ceremony Kevin Costner delivered a long speech in which he thanked to his collegues for helping.
14) " I do not know who invented high heels but women owe to him ( them?)", said Marilyn Monroe.
15) Why all visitors complain to you?
16) The winter is approaching and days are gradually getting shorter.
17) Modern science owes a lot to Francis Bacon who was a philosopher of the 16 th century.
18) I lost my glasses but luckily I have the spare ones.
Can you check my translation please. Is everything correct in terms of grammar cause I know it is not.

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