25 July

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Question about English (US)

,If there are any mistakes, correct them please.

1. When we were at the party, I waved at Tom but he just passed by pretending he didn't see me.
2. They were going to visit Oxford for their first time this summer, but a bit later they had an argument and the trip had been postponed.
3. We decided to put off the journey until the situation with Covid get better.
4. I promised my mum I won't talk to her but whenever I meet her walking by the street I find myself taking to her at least one hour.
5. Once I've been in London, I'll call you.
6. Once you have been there, call me immediately.
7. Once you've got to my city, I recommend you to hire a car.
8. He's always carrying a medallion thinking that It brings him a good luck.
9. The colonisers didn't even bother to get in touch with local people.
10. The drivers are expecting the green light to start moving.
11. Once they get together they end up discussing.

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