27 July

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Question about Korean

How do you say this in Korean?

Hello to the sweetest <radio host>! I am <name> from Philippines~^^ It is finally August, my birth month! I have always liked August because I get to celebrate a lot of birthdays and anniversaries <as in debut anniversaries, etc>! But this time/year, August makes me feel anxious and scared ㅠㅠ This month, there are big changes I need to make in my life. The first one is that, in my 18 years of life, it will be my first time to live in the city without my parents. Growing up I relied on them a lot so I feel scared/anxious that I need to live there without them ㅠㅠ The reason why I need to move there is the other big change I need to make... I'm moving to a school there to finish high school and probably to finish college too. No one forced me to make these decisions... But as time gets nearer, the more worries I have and the less I believe in myself ㅠㅠ It would be nice to hear some comforting words from <radio host>. Thank you so much for listening to my worries!^^

polite form because i will send this to a radio station ^^ thank you so much

if there are some words that needs changing to sound more natural please feel free to change them
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