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Question about English (US)

‎‎Can I answer all these questions in English in the past tense?
Or can you help me to answer these questions?

* Dialog :

Raya : "Finally! We've arrived at the waterfall."

Sinta: "Yeah! What a beauty!"

Raya: "The surrounding scenery is also breathtaking."

Sinta: "Agree. I'm glad we are here. Raya How about taking pictures?"

Sinta: "That's a good idea. We show them to our classmates later."

Raya: "Let me get your pictures first."

Sinta: "All right. Here I am now. How is it?"

Raya: "You should move a bit to the left. I want to get a clear shot of you and the waterfall."

Sinta: "Here?"

Raya: "Perfect! O.K., done! Here, please take a look."

Sinta: "It's nice, thanks. Now, let me take yours."

Raya: "All right"

* Questions :

1. Who are the speakers?

2. What are the speakers doing?

3. What is Raya's intention when saying, "How about taking pictures?"?

4. What does Raya suggest Sinta when they are taking a picture?

5. What will Sinta do after Raya takes her picture?

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