2 August

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Question about English (US)

Are these English idioms I mentioned below extremely common in everyday conversation in the United States? (Sorry, I know it’s a bit long to read. But I’m just curious if they are commonly used, then I could memorize.)

A blessing in disguise / A dime a dozen / Beat around the bush / Bite the bullet / Break a leg / Call it a day / Cut somebody some slack / Cutting corners / Easy does it / Get out of hand / Get something out of your system / Get your act together / Give someone the benefit of the doubt / Go back to the drawing board / Hang in there / Hit the sack / It's not rocket science/ Let someone off the hook / Miss the boat / On the ball / Pull someone's leg / Pull yourself together / Speak of the devil / That's the last straw / To get bent out of shape / Under the weather / We'll cross that bridge when we come to it / Wrap your head around something / You can say that again / Your guess is as good as mine.

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