10 Mar 2017

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About a cooking method of Japanese food: I would like you to change this to more natural English please
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Yamatoni (大和煮) means a food name and a name of the cooking methods of meat.
It was so thick taste and heavy flavor that often used to cook with quirky meat such as whale, bear and deer long time ago.
Most of the large supermarkets in Japan sell canned whale yamatoni.
It is good for international tourists as a rare food souvenir of Japan.
Many Manufacturers supply canned whale yamatoni.
Their package designs are different but usually the names are the same or similar.
Please find these printed characters of "鯨(whale )" and "大和煮(yamatoni)" on the cans.
One can may cost about 300 to 500 yen.
does this sound natural?

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