17 September

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Question about English (US)

🍀Dear native English speaker🍀
Could you please help with my sentences?
I want to know the most natural way to say this!!

Please pretty please help me🥺🥰🥺

1.I talked with Ryan and he said that he can tell my English improved a lot compared our last conversation, which is true, I can tell it as well.

2.I have long big holiday for nine days in a row which is totally huge for me. During my vacation, I will learn English as much as possible. I will not waste even one single second.

3.Today my parents came back here. they looked exhausted , which is understandable. They been going through a hard time.

4.I’m getting some acne on my chin, these are really hurt. I feel like I ate chocolate a lot recently, so maybe that’s why.

5.I’ll beome fluent in English. keep it up Alice. you can make it happen! you really can!!

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  • English (US)

  • English (US)

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