18 Sep 2021

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Question about English (US)

First off, I will write about the benefits I will receive by taking this course as a means to improve my English. I have been taking English-taught classes alone since 2020, and I used to take many of them even before that, and I have known how much my English improves by taking classes conducted in English. As these courses are exclusive to those who have such high English as to pass the screening, the level of the courses should inevitably be high. Therefore, I assume I can further work hard in the class, inspired by those students. Does this sound natural?

•This is part of my personal statement to the English-taught course at my university. I am required to write why I want to take this course and what kind of progress I can make by taking it.
• Are there any grammatical mistakes?
•Do my sentences sound natural?
•Are there any inappropriate expressions for academic, formal writing? (e.g. “I will”…?)
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