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Question about English (US)

How would you say «No-sé-qué» in English.

It's Spanish. It literally means “I-don't-know-what” and it is used like this:

-> Ella tiene un no-sé-qué que me encanta.

Literal translation: She has an I-don't-know-what that I like.

Basically saying that there's something about her that makes me like her, even if I can't quite figure out what that “something” is.

Another example:

-> Ocurrió en un no-sé-qué país de Asia. Uno de esos que terminan en «stan».

Literal translation: It happened in an I-don't-know-what country in Asia. One of those that end in “stan.”

Meaning that the event being talked about happened in a country whose name I don't remember, but I know it's in Asia and it's one of those countries that end in “stan” (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, etc.)

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