25 September

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is it correct and natural? (they're lyrics)

I've avoided saying it for a long time
telling you to wait
that the day will come if you wait a little longer
you and I, we both knew what it meant..
knowing how long you've been waiting for it
only now, I'm saying it to you
you don't have to cry
please don't cry babe, raise your head, smile now
I'll make you smile
I'll give you only happiness
staying by your side always and forever
don't be afraid
everything will be fine
thank you for believing in me and waiting for me
my love
saying thank you is what I want to say before saying sorry
there's something I've been wanting to say,
only to You
but so far, I couldn't have said it until now
'Will you marry me?'
since I know how much you've shed tears waiting for the word
I'll give you back all the love

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