28 September

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Could anyone tell me what the man in black is saying in this anime🙏?
It'd be so helpful if you could correct wrong parts too.

Are you gonna sleep all day?
①❓ hurry up!!
I heard that he was a demon slayer with a demon in tow.
So I was expecting someone who’s more flair.
But it’s just an originally looking kid? Too bad.
We must see that this boy who’s put on trial to be judged.
So we shall be.
To think that he’s been protecting his sister who’s now a demon, what a brave and beautiful display of sibling love?
You’d really kill such an adorable child as him? Such a thought fills my heart with sorrow.
Who are these people?
Don’t open your mouth until②❓.
Do you know who ③❓in the presence of?
These are the Hashira.
A hashira? What is that? I have no idea. Who are all these people?

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