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14 Mar 2017

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Question about English (US)

The next planet was inhabited by Anon. This visit didn’t take long, it has however plunged The Little Prince into deep sadness.
‘What are you doing here?’ he asked Anon.
‘I lurk’ answered Anon bleakly.
‘What does it mean <to lurk>?’
‘It means that I spend all my life on the Internet, browsing sites with funny images, pornographic pictures and repeatable copypastas’ answered Anon deep in thought.
‘But why do you lurk?’
‘To forget’
‘Forget about what?’ asked The Little Prince, who has already started to feel sorry for him.
‘To forget that I am a loser’ said Anon, bowing his head.
‘Why are you a loser?’ enquired The Little Prince, wanting to help him.
‘I am a loser because I lurk’ Anon ended the conversation and fell silent.
does this sound natural?

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