30 Nov 2021

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I'm curious about how does your culture explain the existence of a soul.In Chinese mythology,there is a world where people go after death,and hell is a part of it.After death, the soul(or the ghosts) will be captured by the police of hell.In hell, there will be a king of hell to judge the good and evil of a person's life.The king of hell also has the power to let the good man be born in a rich family, and his life will be happy and lucky, while the evil man will be punished in hell, or his next life will have a bad fate.(It based on the buddhist theory of reincarnation).After drinking the soup that let you forget everthing in your past life,you will cross the bridge to the human world, enter the fetus and be reborn as a baby.So we have many stories that lovers make an appointment to meet again in the next life,or pay some price to find his or her lover in the next life.
But it is certainly not like this in Western culture.Though we were all educated at school in modern science, I think traditional culture will definitely influence people's worldviews imperceptibly.Life is like an endless circleI in Chinese culture, but if it is not in Western,what will it be like.I roughly know the stories that God created the world in seven days,and some Greek mythology.But this is not enough to construct my understanding of western mythology.Please tell me some stories or fairy tale,how does your culture or religious explain the birth and death,or something of your life you think were influenced by your culture.Please tell me where are you from or what religion do you follow.
I hope my unidiomatic English doesn't prevent you from understanding the sentence.

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