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Can anyone check my homework?

It's a review (short form):
Spirited Away is Hayao's Miyazaki's animated movie, which has been produced in 2001. One of the best-known Japanese animation masterpieces is a winner of the Oscar award, four Annie awards and the Gold Bear award.
The story begins, when the small girl called Chihiro finds a hidden passage leading to the indescribable land. She and her parents reach small traditional Japanese town, where adults, under the influence magician food, becomes into pigs. Later follows a complicated sequence of circumstances, as a result of which Chihiro is hired in the huge building, which contains baths. During the stay in the wonderland, Chihiro makes some friends and enemies. Finally, she rescues her parents and comes back to our world.
At face value Spirited Away seems cheery tale, containing childish, moving plot. Of course, there is a grain of truth in this notion, but the story has a hidden agenda. The movie mentions an important problem of Japanese society: globalisation, raising difference between generations of people, and child prostitution in Japanese baths.
In my opinion, Spirited Away is a movie for every kind of spectators. Because of rare combination of plotline and hidden, important and grave meaning, it's an animation for younger and older audience. With breathtaking frames of amazing and unusual places, it's a worth seeing movie for everyone.
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