23 January

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Can someone correct this text? (I'm far from finished....)

Today I'm going to teach you guys how to do a anime draw.
First of all we need to start with a circle, a normal circle. That will be the head of the draw. Then, we gonna do a straight line in the middle of the circle that will represent the center of the head. This circle in the middle of the head is very important, because will represent where the face of character will be looking at. And it's very important to do the "front face", profile face, 3/4 view, etc. So, this straight line will define that.
Then, we gonna do a straight line again, in the middle of the circle, but on the horizontal. This line represents that we will start the eyes below that line, and the eyeshadow as well.
The we gonna do a straight line at the bottom of the circle, that will represent the size of the ears and where will be the nose.

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