19 Nov 2015

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Could you please paraphrase the following sentence?

Aylmer is a brilliant and recognized scientist and philosopher. He is married to Geogiana. She is physically perfect except for a small red birthmark in the shape of a hand on her cheek. As the story progresses, he becomes unnaturally obsessed with the birthmark. One day, he deliberates upon it and then decides to take her to the apartments where he keeps a laboratory. He brings her a potion and it is proven to be effective, in some respects, by rejuvenating a nearby plant with but a few drops. She drinks the concocted potion and promptly falls asleep. He watches the birthmark fade little by little. Once it is nearly gone, she wakes up and is pleased to see the results. However, the potion had side effects, and Georgiana soon tells her husband that she is slowly dying. Once the birthmark fades completely, she dies with it.

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