23 Nov 2015

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Could you please paraphrase the following sentence in easy words?

At that moment, the Puritans attack the gathering. The Puritan leader, Endicott, cuts down the Maypole. He begins to sentence the captive Merry Mount settlers to whippings and other punishments. He orders the dancing bear shot because he senses witchcraft. Turning to the Lord and Lady of the May, he senses in the pair a “youthful beauty” that seemed “pure and high”. The May Lord asks Endicott to let his wife go untouched, while the May Lady cries, “be it death, and lay it all on me!” Endicott is touched by the expression of love from the couple, which he recognizes as unique for settlers of Merry Mount. He decides that the two have hope for reform, and throws a wreath over their heads. The couple follows the Puritans, without wasting “one regretful thought on the vanities of Merry Mount.”

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