2 Apr 2017

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Ischemia is caused by reduced coronary blood flow to the heart and it is the foremost precursor of cardiac arrhythmias that cause mortality. The electrical activity of the myocytes in the ischemic zone is abnormal due to the shorter duration of action potential (AP), less negative phase 4 and reduction of AP amplitude. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the most powerful tools for clinical investigations, which provides information for diagnosis and treatment of the cardiac abnormality.[1]
Therefore, it is of great interest to establish a relationship between ischemia and ECG waveform, investigating which of the typical changes that occur in ECGs of patients with ischemia become visible if we apply only one of the typical ischemic changes in the model. For this purpose, we reduced AP amplitude to 50% and then about 80% of normal. To conduct this study we considered the left ventricle as ischemic area of interest.
does this sound natural?