20 Apr 2017

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Could you please help me correcting my English oral presentation ? :)
Hi! Today I’m going to talk about taking a gap year. A gap year can provide a wealth of experience, insight into different cultures and much-needed time out after studying. It’s also an opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd. Careers advisers say: “The skills and experiences you gain can help you become ready for university and employment both academically and socially.
If you want your work experience to be good quality and worthwhile, you will need to have arranged it in advance.
What you actually do during your gap year – whether it be travelling, working or volunteering – will depend on your own plans and the career that you eventually want to get into. A gap year can add language skills, an understanding of cultural differences and utilizing your skills in whole new environments and situations.
Candidates who have taken a gap year should never shy away from talking about their experience. Never feel defensive or apologetic for your time out. It’s a great experience, different from the ordinary, and out of the typical comfort zone. Try to show how your skills have developed as a result of the challenges you’ve experienced during that year.
does this sound natural?

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