8 Jan 2016

Question about English (US)

How would you call this 「* *」? In Japanese we call it '(I) use the wildcard(ワイルドカードを使う)'.

When you are going to google something and you want to research with the fixed phrase, such as 'spring this on me'.

If you put just 'spring this on me'. You could find 1000 hits that have 'SPRING THIS ON her. ・・・・・・(talking another thing) it was ME.'

If you put like '*spring this on me*', you can find hits that only had 'spring this on me'.

One message from a native speaker
"I think * is called an asterisk in English, I could be wrong."

Actually, I wanted to know how you would say 「ワイルドカードを使う」in English?
I know 'wildcard' doesn't equal to asterisk.

Would you say 'Use double astarisk' or something when you are teaching someone how to use astarisk when he or she is first google somethikng?

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English (US)
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