26 Dec 2014

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God, I in love. Why am I in love with someone during the school term?
I've been hanging out with my special someone and haven't done a lot of my assignment. I want to get all my assignment done, but I just can't help hanging out and spending time with my soul mate. It's just feel so great and wonderful. I seem to be missing what my tutor has been tutoring in the class and been thinking about what I would do with my special someone after the class. God, I can't stop all of this crazy feeling going on in my head. I can't focus on studying. Am I gonna fail my exam? No, I can't. My mum is gonna kill me, but love is sweet and so magical. I don't think I can stop all this wonderful feeling. What should I do? I've got to pass the exam and I can't focus. Oh no.

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