21 May 2017

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Even though the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments to the U. S. Constitution granted civil rights to every American regardless of their race, the racial segregation continued, especially in the south. This segregation consisted on restricting people to certain areas of residence, to separate institutions (e.g., schools, churches) and facilities (parks, playgrounds, restaurants, restrooms) on the basis of race or alleged race (, particularly towards the African-American. This situation raised several movements against segregation and discrimination in the southern United States, which now are known as the American civil rights movement. Nevertheless, the situation also raised a big opposition, like the Ku Klux Klan, which promoted white supremacy, and the Jim Crow laws, which enforced racial segregation in the south. The movement came to prominence during the mid-1950s and it was a pacific movement with its most important figure being Martin Luther King. Later, organizations like the Black Panthers Party raised as a response for the violence African-Americans suffered, especially from the police. does this sound natural?

If you could also help me with redaction and facts, it would be great ^^
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Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Spain) Near fluent Spanish (Mexico) Near fluent