29 May 2017

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Could you please review my sentences as below.
I would like to explain abiut a points rewards service in Japan.

Docomo Point is a points rewards service mainly targeted docomo's cell phone user.
The service, of course, it is not only able to earn points, but also provide discount coupons for some Cafe, restaurant, as well as some shops as well.
I go to Saint Marc Cafe a lot, and I realized that when people order, some of them show their cell phone with saying like "Hot coffee please with docomo point.
It seems like that they get some discount with using the coupon.
When I saw it for the first time, I thought that this coupon is only for docomo's cell phone user and I'm not qualified to get the benefit. But even for people don't use docomo's cell phone, it is able to use coupon only with registration and downloading a application.
And now I'm able to get the coupon that I can get 50yen discount both for small and medium coffee!

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