1 Jun 2017

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Question about English (US)

1.In his speech he failed to address the criticisms that have been aimed at him.
2.The engineers had to fabricate a temporary emergency bridge over the river.
3.The new literacy program will be administered by a group of NGOs.
4.In 1960's president John F Kenedy enacted a number of civil rights laws.
5.We need to duplicate the video so we could show it to several groups.
6.The politician orchestrated new campaign against his rival.
7.The prime minister announced that he would inaugurate new policy on education.
8.Despite numerous disappointments the scientist persisted until he found the cure.
9.His resent novel will certainly enhance his literary reputation.
10.The early morning jog refreshed and invigorated her.
11.Recently it is customary to fortify milk with Vitamin D.
12.The company had to expedite the development of the new product to meet demand.
13.The present speech was intended to galvanize his public support.
14.The government has recently taken steps to bolster market confidence.
15.Many people barely get enough food to sustain their health.
does this sound natural?

I appreciate any corrections.
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English (US)


English (US)

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