3 Jun 2017

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A: Viviane ?

V: Ana? How long don't we talk?

A: I think that was 2 years Ago.

V: It's a long time. What did you do? Did you finish study?

A: yes, a finish college in last year.

V: serious? What do you do?

A: i'm management. And you? Are you in the college? 

V: No, I'm in last year at High school and I'm studying to pass in the college.

A: It's great. What course will you Take?

V: I'm going to study mathematics. When i entrace in college in I want to work.

A: interesting !! During the college I worked but I think that depending on course is a problem. What do you think ?

V: I think that some works is possible tô conciliate.

A: What is types of job that think?

V: Online salesperson, receptionst, Math tutor, baby sister. 

A: Will you Go to study and work?

V: Yes.  But i know that it isn't easy to reconcile studies and work.

A: it's very good. I think won't diaturbs the studies, It isn't a problem because it's good for you. 

V: In são paulo distance and transit are Very complicated because the public transportation is Very bad.

A: Sorry, I have tô go. I'm going to work.

V: See you someday.

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