6 Jan 2015

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Dear Tom.

Happy New Year !! How are you? I always be missing you and think for your health. I have worked a painter for 2 month but I hope to change my job as a aged care worker. I know a aged care worker hard. I will study aged care certificate 3 courses this month. I tried translate in Korea my aged care certificate but I couldn’t translate because it is too expensive. She want money $ 1800.

I think, I will learn for it better. Aged care course is theory for 5 weeks after practice 5 days.

I had a business talk to a lawyer of Painter or Aged care and another jobs though told to me.

They say “You are chosen it good you want to get a 457 working visa normal state though good English as well as I can get an aged care center sponsor countryside”

I am going to change my visa after I will try to visit in Biloela.

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