4 Jun 2017

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Easay :A new library
Today I will introduce you all to a new library that I will build next year. This library will be built in Assyria.(it is a country in the ancient world.) This is how I planned my library to be like.
I will put all kinds of literature like poetry, folktales, and both nonfiction, fiction stories. And of course there are other literature choses too.
When I first accepted this quest to build a library, I thought about a few very important things.
1. If I build a library, it at least have to have about five to ten emergency escape exits, because that is safer.
2. How many oil will I put in the oil room to keep the oil lamps lit a whole day? And how many oil lamps will I buy?
3. How many square meters of place will I need to keep thousands (or even millions) of clay tablets?
4. How many people will I need to build the library and to work in the library?
5. How much bricks will it need to build the library?
6. How long would it take to build the library?
I decided to collect the book and stories in one year. I will get all the things I can. And my crew and I will ask the people of Assyria stories that they know, we will dig in the ground to find ancient information.
And finally I will tell you whom I built this massive library from. I am building this library for all people. Because I want every citizen to enjoy reading and have fun reading!
I hope you will like my library, and will spent a lot of happy time reading!
does this sound natural?

It is my daughter's writting.Thanks for your advising.

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