8 Jan 2015

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Question about English (US)

Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?
By the way, why the suiside rate of air traffic controllers is so high?

Raj: So you're a dental student? Hmm, are you aware that dentists have an extremely high suicide rate? Not as high as, say, air traffic controllers, but then there are far more dentists than air traffic controllers, so in pure numbers you're still winning.
Lalita: [(1) Yay me!]
Leonard: (to Penny) You have a drink that'll make him less obnoxious?
Penny: Drinks do not work that way.
Howard: I'd say he was doing fine, look at her, last girl my mom set me up with had a moustache and a vestigial tail.
Sheldon: Sorry I'm late.
Leonard: What happened?
Sheldon: Nothing, I just really didn't want to come. Virgin diet cuba libre please.
Penny: Okay.
Sheldon: In a tall glass, with a lime wedge.
Penny: Oh, [(2) I'll wedge it right in there.]

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