8 Jun 2017

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I had plans with my boyfriend he invited me to come to his workplace while having dinner at buffet. I tend to eat beyond moderation at buffet to make the money worth. So i was a bit worried about what if i would do binge eating
I ate one bag of nuts and one banana for lunch , which contained lower calories than normal lunch curbing my hunger.
Finally when it was 6pm, i met my bf and headed to a restaurant. Plenty of Delicious cuisines were served on tables. I tried to choose healthier food such as salad, fruits and vegetables. Of course i deserved to eat fatty food since i ate litte during lunchtime. So i munched on a loaf of steak. But i stayed away from starchy food such as bread, noodle. After the pleasant meal, i took a long walk to burn calories.
does this sound natural?

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