11 Jan 2015

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Question about English (US)

Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Sheldon: Obviously you're not well suited for three-dimensional chess, perhaps three dimensional candyland would be more your speed.
Leonard: Just reset the board.
Sheldon:[(1) It must be humbling ] to suck on so many different levels.
Penny: (knocking and entering) Hi guys.
Leonard: Hey!
Penny: Did you get my mail.
Leonard: Yeah, right here. How was Nebraska?
Penny: Oh, better than North Dakota! (Pause) I guess that joke's only funny in Nebraska.
Sheldon: From the data at hand you really can't draw that conclusion. All you can say with absolute certainty is that that joke is not funny here.
Penny: Boy, it's good to be back.
Leonard: How was your family?
Penny: Ugh, it was the worst trip, everyone got sick over the weekend.
Sheldon: Sick?
Leonard: [(2) Here we go.]

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