21 Jun 2017

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Please! I do need some help with the word gut(s)!!

1º - Is the expression ''gut feeling'' the same as ''(had that) sinking feeling'' ??

2º - Is the expression ''have the guts to do something'' the same as ''have a fire in your belly''? Or "single-mindedness", or "dogged determination"?

3º - If I say that someone ''doesn't have the guts to do sth'' do I mean the same as if I said they "have no backbone to do sth"?

4º - Is ''gut'' the same as ''intuition'' in these examples? (can both words replace each other or be used interchangeably?)
My head said that I should go but my gut said I should stay (can I use intuition instead?)
I went with my gut and chose Sarah to lead the team. (can I use intuition instead?)
Archaeologists often use their intuition to decide where to dig.(can I use gut instead?)
Sometimes you just have to rely on your intuitions.(can I use gut instead?)

5º - Can it be replaced by the word ''courage'' in these situations? =>
It takes guts to start a new business on your own.
It takes a lot of guts to admit to so many people that you've made a mistake.
He had never plucked up the courage to ask (can I use gut?)

6º - Are these expressions commonly used in everyday conversation?
- work/play/fight/slog/sweat your guts out
- bust a gut
- hate someone’s guts

7º - Is gut the same as belly/ intestine??

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