15 Jan 2015

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Can you explain the parts marked with [(number) ... ]?

[Sheldon's bedroom]
Missy: Okay. I'm not even going to ask why you're [(1) pimping me out] for cheese. But since when do you care at all about who I sleep with?
Sheldon: Truthfully, I've never given it any thought, but it has been pointed out to me that you carry DNA of great potential.
Missy: What on earth are you talking about?
Sheldon: Let me explain. You see, I'm a superior genetic mutation, an improvement on the existing mediocre [(2) stock].
Missy: And what do you mean, mediocre stock?
Sheldon: That would be you. But residing within you is the potential for another me. Perhaps even taller, smarter and less prone to freckling, [(3) a Sheldon 2.0] if you will.

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