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26 Jun 2017

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My dreams and their meaning
My first dream was very disturbing. When I was a child, almost every night. I used to dream about my mother and I. We were in a little town, specifically in a market which was crowded. My mother was buying something, and I was kind of distracted by a man who was hooded and his behavior was weird. While I was staring at that man, my mom left the place where we were in and started to walk fast. I realized of that and went after her. Although I was running, she seemed to walk very fast and I could not reach her. Then, she dissapeared. I looked for her in the whole market, but had not success. Finally, I arrived to a dark place. I thought Nobody was there; suddenly my mother appeared and she was with the hooded man. She told me that she was going to run away from us because she loved that man and anyone could change her mind. I was shocked, I thought she was out of her mind. When I wanted to tell her something, I woke up. I could not find a specific meaning for that dream, I only found meanings of dreaming about partner leaving. Anyway, I tried to figure out its meaning by my own and I can infer that I usually dream that because my mother used to work far away from our home. We lived in ....... and she went to work to..... So, every morning, when I woke up for going to school, she had already left to go to ...... Therefore, I was always afraid of she would not come home.
does this sound natural?

Could you correct it?
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