28 Jun 2017

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I've writed a little about the schools in Brazils. May you correct my text?

- About the lenght of the school year in Brazil: Our classes start in Februar and go until July, when the winter's vacation starts. Then we have a free month until August, when the classes return and go until December. After our summer's vacation starts.

- About a typical day at school: We have an average os five or six classes every day, which have a lenght of fifty minutes and are about diferents assignatures.

-About Teacher and Students interaction: In general, there's no much interaction between the teacher and the students. In the classes the teacher writes the content that is been studied in the blackboard, the students should copy and, after some explanations, the teacher ask the classmates to answer some questions. Then the teacher correct thoses aswer, speaking with the all class, in the next class, if there's no time available.

-About the schools rules: We need to dress the school's uniform. There's no rule, I know, about the boys' haires, but the girls need to tie they hair. It's forbiden chewing gum in the schools and the teachers don't apreciate the students get talking during the classes. In the breaks que can talk and met some friends for cheating. In gereneral, we can't arrive late in the schools. But if it happens we need to wait when the second class starts and we need to sing in a registrations book.

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