5 Jul 2017

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Hey guys! I'm preparing my resume. Could you please help me to check whether these sentences are natural or not? Thank you very much!

Group 1
● Engaged in full and candid discussions with local volunteers.
● Prepared the content of my tutorials by multiple ways.
● Gave tutorials and the results satisfy Volunteer Team’s expectations.

Group 2
● Kept in touch with chief volunteers from local universities.
● Prepared advertising materials, such as leaflets and roll-up banners, for front-line volunteers.
● Trained fresh volunteers to master the talk script.
● Inspired fresh volunteers when they were frustrated.

Group 3
● Finished different types of working papers, especially for settlement accounts.
● Completed basic sampling tasks and traced to the source documents.
● Conducted stock taking and cash verification.
● Communicated with clients face to face.


English (UK)

Simplified Chinese (China)
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