14 Apr 2016

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Hi ! I need to fill in the test and I'm not sure which answer is correct. Could you help me, please :)

1. As I had missed the history lesson, my friend went ..... the homework with me.
A. by B after C over D on
2. The decorated roof of the ancient palace was .... up by 4 thin columns
a built b carried c held d supported
3. Would it .... you if we came on Thursday
a agree b suit c like d fit
4. This form .... be handed in until the end of the week
a. doesn't need b doesn't have c needn't d hasn't got
5. Although our opinions on many things.... , we're good friends
a differ b oppose c disagree d divide
6. This product must be eaten ... 2 days of purchase
a by b before c within d under
7. The newspaper report contained ... imporant information.
a many b another c an d a lot of
8. Have you considered .... to London?
a move b to move c to be moving d moving
9. James was not sure exactly where his best interests ....
a stood b rested c lay d centred|
10. As the game .... to a close, disappointed spectators started to leave
a led b neared c approached d drew
11.andrew's attempts to get into the swimming team have not ... with much success
a associated b concluded c joined d met
12. Although Sara had obviousely read the newspaper article carefully, she didn't seem to have ... the main point.
a grasped b clutched c clasped d gripped
13. A lot of the views put forward in the documentary were open to...
a enquiry b query c question d wonder
14. The new college .... for the needs of students with a variety of learning backgrounds
a deals b supplies c furnishes d caters
15. I find the times of English meals vry strange I'm not used .... dinner at 6 pm
a. to have v to having c having d have

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