14 Apr 2016

Hungarian English (US) Near fluent
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Question about Japanese

Can I add 使い to any word to make it '~user', like 魔法使い as 'magic-user'?

Longer intro for this:

So, I'm 'learning' japanese for a lot of time now (not literally, just what i pick up from TVドラマ、アニメ、マンガ etc.) and I've noticed that the protagonist was called a 剣使い and I figured that means 'Sword user' or 'Swordsman'...
I know that 魔法使い is 'Witch' and it's so logical that 'Magic user'.
I've also heard that Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter was called a 鎖使い as his main weapon is a conjured chain.
So, does this mean, that (何か)使い is basically a '(Something)-user'?
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Hungarian English (US) Near fluent