10 Jul 2017

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I go along with the writer's point that the stronger role of board of directors to secure checks and balances in corporate governance is essential. However, in order to build up healthier corporate governance, I believe, employees ,who directly engage in the busines, should come first. Being fully aware of how the company operates, they can play an important role in reining in their leader: the founders and CEOs of the company.
Therefore, we need to take steps to fortify not only the voice of board of directors but also the voice of workers. However, non-flexible and hierarchical corporate environment prevents them from speaking up towards their misbehaving leaders. If the company is resctrictive and close-minded towards their employees, they are likely to ditch their opinions that might contribute to the better operation of the company. The ability to speak up and excercise their power should be backed by a labour union, which is functioned as a pragmatic and powerful tool. if there is a problem resulting from misconducts by their leaders, the labour union, a more powerful and embobided measure, can help put pressure on them.
does this sound natural?


English (US)

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