14 Jul 2017

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Question about English (US)

Hatti McDaniel is the first African American actress who was awarded. She played the role of maid of Scarltt O hara in the 1939 moive "Gone with the wind." She received ravel reviews on her distinctive acting. However, Whether she could attend the award or not became an issue. Back then, African Amercian were not allowed to be invited to the ceremony other than be there as workers. Aftrican Amercian even were banned from participating in the preview of the movie. Clarke Gable, who was a male-main chracter of the movie, came to help her. He said strongly that "Art should not discriminate based on race. If she is not allowed, I won't go either." Eventually, both of them were able to be there and were awarded.

Many people, however, blamed her role which seemed degraded for instilling prejudice about African Amercians. She still acted as a maid after winning Oscar. She claimed that "I had only one option to play the role of either a maid or a sevant. " Nowdays, America is struggling with a spate of incidents sparked by racial discrimination. It has been 79 years since "Gone with the Wind' became famous all around the world winning a Puliter prize. I feel pity and frustrated that racial discrimination still burden America.
does this sound natural?

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