15 Jul 2017

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Secondly, on the other hand, Marianne falls in love with Willoughby and Mr. Brandon. At first, she was attracted to Willoughby. Willoughby also loved her. Marianne differs from her older sister, she expresses her feelings. That expression is noticeably by anyone. Moreover, she has acted in egocentrically. It is natural because she has a reassuring sister, but she looks not so smart. If she was able to understand other people’s feelings, she would be a more attractive lady. After Willoughby broke Marianne’s heart, Marianne accepted Brandon’s love. When Marianne got depressed, Brandon always stands by her. Finally she could notice what the true love is. From my point of view, I do not think Marianne’s romance is attractive. First her romance is a love with a womanizing person, and next one is a love with an old man. I guess it is one of the messages from Austen that if I were too passionate person, I would lose a suitable man.

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English (UK)


English (UK)
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