16 Jul 2017

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​​company founded on, the ideal of family value is one i can relate to. treating your coworkers as cows has never appealed to me, butt some corporate executes tend to think of front-line staffas imminently expendable.When push comes to kick.its campany loyal that can make the difference between solventcy and bankruptcy. Having loyal, hardworking staff who will see a project through to the end, even if that means extra ours are needed to bring a deadline, makes all difference. That said though, if a project gets so far behind that out of hours work is essential to bring it's deadline, its important to view the project management side of things. Everything that can be done to avoid those situations in the first place should be did. Some may say that's a naive lookout, but it's been shown to work in other industries. Manufacturing, automotive, defence, they've all shown the value of loyalty and detention in the work force.

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