18 Jul 2017

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Question about English (US)

Can you please check and correct my English

I went to the office in corporation to give my resume with a friend after school.
It was really nerves when I gave to them.
But, They received it with kindness.If they intended in me, they are contacting me and having interviews.Im really wishing to contact from them.

A little about my friend,she is viani from Indonesia.She is really friendly parson and kindness and always helping me because she've lived in Australia for 2years.So she can speak English very fluent and have Knowledge about Australia.
She has boyfriend who is Aussie.I heard that fall in love each other in the club.I hope their hipness.If she is coming to Japan for the future ,I promised her that II'll pay delicious Japanese food for her.Im looking forward to the time

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English (US)

English (US)

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