18 Jul 2017

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I go to school by subway on a daily basis. Everytime i get on the train during rush hour, it is always packed with people who head to spend their day doing productive tasks. Being crowded and stuffy, it is definetely not the best environment to evoke generosity toward others. I'm fully aware of this. Being stuck among the crowd early in the morning exhausts us. Even so, It does not mean that people can justify rude behavor while on train.
From time to time, I get mad at people who show no respect and inconsiderate manners on train. Although they bump into strangers rushing to their destination, they don't seem to express any single word of sorry. Some people even go so far as to jostle me blaming my slow movement for blocking their rushed way. / Some people even go so far as to push me grumbling that I move so slowly that I block their way. Besides, they rush into a seat and take it without any excuse even though it is obviously supposed to be taken by me.
Such rude behaviors always ruin my feelings. It often affects my entire day even my work that should be performed productively. A journey to school in the morning is a first step to start my day. If it is messed up by someone's ruthless behavior, my day ends up with emotional costs as well as physical fatigue that might hurt my productivity.
does this sound natural?

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