1 May 2016

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I went to Mikurumayama Festival. It’s held in Takaoka-city Toyama-ken. I live in Takaoka. But I went to there for the first time.

I’ve never been this festival. Because the festival is held on May 1 regardless of day of the week. But May 1 of this year was Sunday and weather was not bad. I went to there with my family.

This festival has a feature that Mikurumayama have gorgeous wheels. They are embroidered with based on local area traditional crafts wood working, lacquer(Japan), and metal carving. Wheels are almost as tall as human.

There were lots of people. That’s probably Hokuriku Shinkansen gave influence them. I want to see it next year. But next year May 1 is Monday. Maybe I can’t see it.
does this sound natural?

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