31 Jul 2017

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My review for Pokahontas that I want to publish at IMDb
I really love movies about "civilized" people and "savages". I really love cartoons , fairy tales and Disney because you can completely relax while watching you know there will be happy end. There are no violence here which I hate. And which is the most important there is a morality:sometime easyinderstanding and simple as the good always win evel but sometimes as here there are more deep morality and need to hear unsayed to understand.
I can not say much about the plot because there will be spoilers. It is (as expected) sweet, funny , even in some way deep, but did not hold water. And it is only one disadvantage of the film. But I love the plot because there are natural Americans that are completely diferent but just the same from englishmans, there are gold rush, greed, the bloody war, and of course the love what breaks all dificulties. The plot is most important part of the cartoon as it must be. Vusuals, songs supplement the plot.
The characters. The first main character is Pokahontas, native American girl who understand what the forest, the animals, the rocks are saying. She loves her tribe and want it to be peace. She is brave and wise , wants to find her purpose. The second main character is John Smith, the Englishman who goes to America "for glory, God and gold and for Virginia company" and for adventures of course. He allow the principe: shoot first, ask questions later.
The Englishmans and natural Americans are just the same. Yes, they have diferent colors of skin, diferent languages and culrure. Englishmans are more thirst for gold and natural Americans more loves nature, but they both want war to make marvelous deeds. So they simply did not want peace and who did not want never find. Them both thinks others are savages because they think otherwise.
Conclusion: "Pokahontas" is a cartoon that I strongly recommend to watch for everyone. Everything are in measure, and there are philosofy. But sometimes plot becomes too absolute,too monohrom, and sometimes too pink. So my mark is solid nine.
does this sound natural?

Thanks for help. I will be thanksfull if you help me not only with gramatics but also with stilistics and words
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