2 Aug 2017

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Question about English (US)

Does the sentence in capitals in my paragraph below sound natural to you? If not, how can I rewrite it in a more natural way?

I am encouraged to hone my teaching skills and vary the teaching methods that I believe can help better boost learners' performance in the classroom. As part of this methods, I offer the school administration to open up art classes and let me teach pottery making as an extracurricular programme, which in turn NOT ONLY FULLY MEETS THE PARENTS' DEMANDS BEARING HOW POTTERY MAKING IS AN INTRIGUING ACTIVITY IN A CLASSROOM SETTING AT SCHOOL OF NOWADAYS IN THEIR MINDS, BUT ALSO MAKE THEM HAPPY AS THE LEARNERS HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY OF APPRECIATING A VARIETY OF ART FORMS IN TIME! What's more, using art has an enormous potential of making language learning truly memorable for my students. This way, I have so far observed that the learners immerse themselves in language thoroughly and are able to naturally acquire new chunks of target language without realising doing so!

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